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A novel GIS cadastre system
for revenue generation, land digitalisation, city planning, tourism, emergency response and more…
A cadastre system for land surveyors, property evaluators, tax collectors, revenue generators, disaster managers and city planners…

How we work

How PaM GIS can help you

04 Steps

01. Collection of geospatial data
We provide a GPS based mobile application for the field surveyor and a desktop software that uses different OGC compliant file formats and databases.
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02. Verification of data
With required permissions, the system administrator can verify the data and save it along with additional documents into our system.
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03. Track data changes
Tracking of changes to each data is automatically enabled for every object.
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04. Use geospatial data
Collected data is used in land dispute resolution, city planning, emergency response, location services, taxation and revenue generation.
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Our GIS software is designed to solve all your geospatial needs

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