Welcome to the PaM download page for the various mobile applications and desktop software.

Mobile Applications


The android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Latest Release Download Remarks
Get PaM GIS app Now 0.1.9 Also available on Google Play Store.



The iOS will be available at a later date depending on demand.

Desktop Computers


The Windows software can be downloaded from here.

Latest Release Download Remarks
0.1.9 1) If the program is unable to start due to dll issues, your system does not have the Microsoft Visual Studio C Runtime files. To install

2) Go to

3) Click on download and select which server to download from

4) Click on save. After downloading, go to the Download folder and unzip Visual-C-Runtimes-All-in-One-Jan-2020

5) Go to Visual-C-Runtimes-All-in-One-Jan-2020 folder and double click install_all

6) Click “Yes” to all

Linux Ubuntu

The latest version can be downloaded from here.

Latest Release Download Remarks
0.1.9 1) If you keep getting “Network Error: No Internet” message despite being connected
to the internet, please run “sudo apt-get install net-tools”
2) Does not work with the xserver-xorg-video-nouveau graphics driver

Web Link


Licence Agreement

The software listed above are released for evaluation purposes only.

Unauthorised use for commercial purposes are not permitted without prior consent of PaM.

Redistribution and use in binary forms are permitted as long as they are not for commercial purposes.