About Us

About Us

PaM GIS specialises in developing software applications for solving geospatial problems.

Our company

We are a GIS system provider

33years of combined experience in developing enterprise software.

More About Our Success Stories

We are a GIS system and software provider that helps with land digitalisation, city planning, emergency response, taxation, tourism and many more.

Our geospatial system solves the following problems.

Cadastre system for geospatial data
A cadastre system for digitalising, analysing and displaying addresses, roads and lands.
Integrated surveying tool
The cloud based tightly integrated system makes it possible to use current surveying tools as well as our mobile application based surveying application.
OGC compliant system
All of our software and mobile applications are OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) compliant making it easy to use many vector and raster format files and databases.
Realtime data across all platforms
Through our interconnected cloud system, data is made available on all our platforms in realtime.
City planning
Using the desktop software, city planners can plan cities and visualise them in 3D in realtime.
Emergency response
Using third party APIs, terrain and other data registered in our system, we are able to provide solutions in an emergency scenario such as flooding.